DriveWorks is fantastic at generating new designs, drawings, and other design-related deliverables, and at an amazing pace. While this is great for quickly meeting customer demands, it requires some level of data management and many DriveWorks customers turn to SolidWorks Enterprise PDM/ PDM Pro (EPDM) for that need. If you’re using DriveWorks with EPDM, this plug-in is essential to integrating the two systems. With this plug-in, DriveWorks seamlessly pulls new numbers from Enterprise PDM for generated parts, assemblies, drawings, and other deliverables. And the data stays connected so that EPDM recognizes the files when they are placed in the vault.

With the DriveWorks EPDM Number Plug-in, users have the flexibility to assign numbers on demand (via a macro button) or automatically as a part of the specification flow. Simply add the specification task from the DriveWorks toolbox, fill in the blanks and you’re set. Please contact us to learn more about our “DriveWorks EPDM Part Number” specification task, or just to chat about your design automation solutions.