The Combine PDF Files task allows you to pass a list of PDF documents and a filename for the output file. PDF files are combined in the order that you list them. Output files can be checked into the EPDM vault with proper login credentials. Missing files will be skipped and full reporting is available in the specification report.

DriveWorks can push SOLIDWORKS, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files from drawings, models, documents, and spreadsheets. This is great news, but when you want to share many PDF files with a customer or partner, it would be helpful to have all of this information in just one PDF file. With triggered actions, DriveWorks can now watch for documents to be generated, and then perform operations once they all exist. Razorleaf added the final touch to this equation – a DriveWorks specification task to select multiple PDF files and combine them into a single PDF.

DriveWorks triggered actions, listed with the documents in Stage 4: Output Rules, instruct DriveWorks Autopilot to watch a given location for a specific file. When that file appears, DriveWorks will push a specification through a transition into another specification state. The great part about this is that DriveWorks can be instructed to perform specification tasks during the transition. In the case of the Razorleaf “Combine PDF Files” specification task, the user need only provide a pipe-delimited list with the filenames to be concatenated (in the order that they should be combined) and the path and filename for the new output file. The list of filenames will probably be the same list used in the triggered action. This will guarantee that all of the files exist before the combined PDF is generated.

A Referenced File document can even be used to make the concatenated PDF document available in the documents list and available for use as an email attachment.

DriveWorks has always been a tool for creating more professional proposal documents much faster than ever possible. With this additional specification task, DriveWorks can now concatenate multiple PDF files from different sources (e.g. Word, Excel, SOLIDWORKS, etc.) to create the ultimate PDF proposal package. Once again, new functionality in DriveWorks’ specification flow (triggered actions, in this case) can be combined with a little creative development to extend the value of design automation. Please contact us to learn more about our “Combine PDF Files” specification task, or just to chat about your design automation solutions.