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#39: Navigating Change in a Model Based World

In this episode of “Stay Sharp with Razorleaf,” hosts Jen and Jonathan welcome back Jennifer Herron from Action Engineering for a deeper dive into the challenges of managing change within model-based enterprises. The discussion centers around the necessary mindset shift for effective change management and the importance of having the right team in place to drive this transformation.

Jennifer, with her extensive background in aerospace design and mechanical and computer engineering, shares insights into how organizations can leverage 3D data and CAD models to optimize their manufacturing processes. The conversation explores the fundamental concepts of digital twins, the complexities of the release and change process, and the benefits of using digital tools to streamline these workflows.

Key Discussion Points:

Introduction to Jennifer Herron and Action Engineering:

    • Jennifer’s background in aerospace and unmanned ground vehicle research.
    • Action Engineering’s role in helping organizations transform through leveraging 3D data.

Challenges in Managing Change:

    • The constant nature of change in product data.
    • The importance of shifting the mindset around business activities and adopting new digital tools.

Benefits of Digital Tools in Change Management:

    • How comparing geometry and BOMs between revisions can speed up the change process.
    • The potential for AI and machine learning to assist in pattern recognition and decision-making.

The Role of Engineers and Digital Assistants:

    • The importance of experienced engineers in the decision-making process.
    • How digital assistants can support engineers by providing relevant data and suggestions.

Geometric Searching and Digital Thread:

    • The advantages of geometric searching for mechanical engineers.
    • The need for organizations to adopt and utilize these technological advancements.

Incremental Project Planning and Agile Methodologies:

    • The value of rapid communication and incremental changes.
    • Building organizational momentum through small, successful projects.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

    • The necessity of involving diverse teams in the change management process.
    • Encouraging a culture of curiosity and openness at all organizational levels.

The Future of Digital Transformation:

    • The interplay between PLM and MBD systems.
    • Strategies for integrating these systems to achieve greater efficiency.


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