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#37: The People Factor in Technology Projects

In this episode of Stay Sharp with Razorleaf, our hosts Jen and Jonathan delve into the human element of technology projects. They explore why managing the people aspect is often the most challenging part of tech implementations and share strategies for overcoming these hurdles.

Episode Highlights:

Introduction to the Importance of People in Tech Projects:

  • Managing successful technology projects involves addressing technical and human challenges.
  • People issues are often the most unpredictable part of tech projects.

The Irony of People Issues in Tech Projects:

  • Despite being called for technical solutions, discussions often revolve around people.
  • Early and continuous engagement with people is crucial for project success.

Challenges of Overlooking People Issues Until the End:

  • Simplifying projects by excluding people issues initially can lead to failures.
  • Projects often fail when people are not included until the end.

The Role of Leadership in Managing Change:

  • Leaders need to paint a vision and involve people from the beginning.
  • Engaging people early helps in getting their buy-in and support.

Psychological Safety and Organizational Change:

  • Creating a safe space for people to express concerns and ideas is essential.
  • Early engagement and continuous dialogue are key to successful change management.

Techniques for Ensuring Successful Training and Adoption:

  • Support after training is critical for addressing initial challenges.
  • Process-based training, focusing on how people do their work, is more effective than just software-based training.

Hyper Care Support and Face-to-Face Assistance:

  • Providing on-the-ground support during go-live phases can help mitigate issues.
  • Ensuring people have immediate help builds confidence and facilitates smoother transitions.

Challenges and Techniques for Aligning Organizational Goals:

  • Leaders often overestimate alignment within their teams.
  • Asking probing questions and gathering feedback can help identify misalignments and address them.

Organizational Change Management (OCM):

  • OCM is crucial at all stages of a project – early, middle, late, and post-implementation.
  • Recognizing and planning for OCM needs can significantly enhance project outcomes.

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Thank you for tuning in to this insightful episode on the human element in technology projects. Until next time, stay sharp!

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