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#34: Models Beyond Engineering with Jennifer Herron


In this episode of Stay Sharp with Razorleaf, we explore the transformative power of Model Based Definition (MBD) and its role in Model Based Engineering (MBE) and Digital Transformation within the manufacturing industry. Join our hosts, Jen Ferello and Jonathan Scott, as they sit down with Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering, to discuss the importance of MBD in modern manufacturing processes and how these models extend beyond traditional engineering roles.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Model Based Definition (MBD):
    • Jennifer Herron explains the core principles of MBD and how it differs from traditional 2D drawings.
    • The significance of annotated CAD models and their application throughout the enterprise.
  • The Role of Model Based Engineering (MBE):
    • A discussion on how MBE integrates with MBD to streamline engineering and manufacturing workflows.
    • Real-world examples of MBE in action, highlighting its impact on efficiency and innovation.
  • Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing:
    • Insights into the mindset shift required for successful digital transformation.
    • The challenges and benefits of adopting a digital thread approach across the enterprise.
    • How digital metrology tools and data exchange standards are enhancing connectivity and traceability.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Understanding the value of robust source data in CAD models and its downstream applications.
    • The importance of cross-functional teams and collaboration in achieving MBD and MBE goals.
    • Practical advice for organizations looking to start or advance their digital transformation journey.

Jennifer Herron is the CEO of Action Engineering, a consulting firm specializing in 3D data transformation. With extensive experience in model based strategies, Jennifer is a leading expert in MBD and MBE. She shares her insights on the evolution of these methodologies and their future in the manufacturing sector.

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Thank you for tuning in to this insightful episode on Model Based Definition, Model Based Engineering, and Digital Transformation. Until next time, stay sharp!

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