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#33 Model Based Challenges in Manufacturing


In this episode of “Stay Sharp with Razorleaf,” hosts Jen and Jonathan delve into the intricate world of model based enterprises (MBE) with aerospace manufacturing veteran Jeff Gleeson.

With over three decades at Lockheed Martin and now leading his consultancy, DMEAC, Jeff offers unparalleled insights into the transition challenges from traditional to model-based approaches in manufacturing.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeff Gleeson shares his extensive background in aerospace manufacturing, emphasizing his unique perspective coming from production operations rather than engineering or IT.
  • The discussion covers the definition and significance of a model based enterprise, highlighting the shift from siloed operations to integrated, model-driven processes across organizational domains.
  • Jeff points out the often-underestimated role of metadata in enriching 3D CAD models, turning them into comprehensive digital definitions that drive manufacturing efficiency.
  • A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to the cultural and mindset shifts required for organizations to successfully adopt MBE, stressing the need for an expansive understanding of what constitutes a ‘model’ in this context.
  • The challenges of implementing change within organizations, especially overcoming inertia and resistance from those accustomed to traditional methods, are explored.
  • Jeff and the hosts discuss the political dynamics and ‘religion’ of software and process choices within companies, noting that these can often be the most significant barriers to transformation.

Notable Quote:

“It’s always people. People are always the hard part.” – Jeff Gleeson

Jeff Gleeson’s insights into model based enterprises not only shed light on the technical and operational shifts required but also, crucially, on the human elements of change management in manufacturing settings. His experiences illustrate the deep-seated challenges of altering organizational culture and workflows but also underscore the critical importance of persistence and strategic thinking in achieving successful digital transformation.

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