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#32 What is Model Based Systems Engineering?


Welcome to Episode 32 of “Stay Sharp with Razorleaf,” where we explore the burgeoning field of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and its transformative impact on digital and manufacturing landscapes.

Join us as hosts Jen and Jonathan Scott delve into the intricacies of MBSE, distinguishing it from related concepts and discussing its role in integrating multiple engineering disciplines.

In This Episode:

Understanding MBSE: Jonathan provides a comprehensive breakdown of what MBSE entails, highlighting its differences from Model Based Enterprise (MBE). MBSE involves using data and models rather than documents and tables, which helps in structuring systems engineering more effectively.

The “Systems Engineering V”: Explore the concept of the “Systems V” diagram which Jonathan uses to explain the systematic breakdown from high-level requirements to detailed component design and back up to system validation, emphasizing the iterative nature of systems engineering.

Real-World Applications: Through examples like the evolution of automatic transmissions and electric cars, Jonathan illustrates how MBSE applies to practical scenarios, aiding in the integration of various engineering domains and anticipating the needs for new solutions.

Why MBSE is Hot Today: The discussion pivots to the relevance and rising popularity of MBSE in today’s fast-paced product development environment. Jonathan points out how advancements in tools, languages, and methodologies have made MBSE more accessible and valuable.

Benefits of a Model-Based Approach: Learn how MBSE accelerates the product development process by improving communication, enabling early detection of issues, and enhancing collaboration across different engineering domains. Jonathan and Jen also touch on the concept of the digital thread and how MBSE facilitates better integration and traceability throughout the engineering process.

Looking Forward: The conversation wraps up with thoughts on the future of MBSE, including its role in developing digital twins and the integration of AI and machine learning for optimization purposes.

MBSE is proving to be a crucial component in the toolkit of modern engineers and companies aiming to streamline operations and innovate rapidly. As the landscape of engineering continues to evolve, MBSE stands at the forefront, promising to shape the future of how products are designed and manufactured.

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