Implementation & Deployment

Implementation of engineering business systems is more involved than clicking through an installation wizard. Software system deployments go smoothly when everyone knows what to expect up-front, and when there is an expert around to guide the way.

When people equate applications like Word and Excel to enterprise systems like PLM, ERP or SharePoint, it is easy to see how implementation and deployment activities can be oversimplified. Razorleaf understands that deployment tasks need to be given proper attention to lay the right foundation for technology projects, and Razorleaf offers the right services to make system implementations successful.

Architecture & Platform Planning

How many servers are needed? What level of redundancy is required? Is a specific database preferred? Can it be run in the cloud? These questions and more come up when planning the deployment of an enterprise system. Razorleaf has the knowledge to answer these questions, the skills to perform detailed architecture planning, and the experience to differentiate “suggested requirements” from the real needs of specific enterprise systems. Razorleaf consultants can help plan the infrastructure needed to support a successful system implementation, whether that’s defining system architecture, hardware resources, cloud computing units, or software platforms (like operating systems, databases, application servers, reporting servers, etc.).


License management is an often overlooked component of enterprise system deployments. Careful planning and a deliberate license purchase strategy can prevent organizations from overspending on software licensing and save lost productivity from under-licensed implementations. Razorleaf also understands the importance of analyzing topics like license redundancy and license assignment, and offers clients the benefit of their considerable experience in these important implementation areas.

Installations (Server & Client)

Very few enterprise systems can be installed in a couple of clicks with an installation wizard, and most software vendors expect that an expert will be the one reading their installation documentation. The experience that Razorleaf consultants bring to every engagement helps them adapt the idiosyncrasies of specific enterprise software to the uniqueness of each client environment. And when it is time to deliver hundreds of client installation packages via central management tools, Razorleaf has the skills needed to develop these packages. These client installation and server installation skills frequently come in most handy for Razorleaf clients during system upgrades – when (clean) un-installation can be just as critical as successful installation.


Razorleaf consultants can help every step of a system deployment go smoothly, but when something goes wrong, the Razorleaf team is invaluable. By bringing the expertise of the team to bear on a problem (instead of relying on one individual’s knowledge), Razorleaf can quickly troubleshoot complex implementation and deployment problems. Sometimes knowing when to start over is as valuable as being able to unwind a complicated installation dependency problem, and this is where Razorleaf’s experts can really save a client time and money. Long term clients have come to trust and appreciate the way Razorleaf consultants can solve the thorniest of deployment problems.