Manufacturers often find it necessary to update old product data management systems or to consolidate data from multiple PLM/PDM platforms into one new environment. System integration then becomes a crucial activity for the organization—one that carries significant risks if not managed carefully.

Every software product in your organization has a unique ways of storing the data it creates. In the case of CAD, there are levels of data and metadata available inside each drawing or model file. Each PDM and PLM system has its unique ways of storing this data. It takes skill, experience, and specialized software to conduct a system integration and migration and integration project. Every experienced PLM integrator has more than once been called in to fix a botched data migration attempted in-house.

Razorleaf has more than 16 years experience in PLM installation and integration, with all the current PLM/PDM platforms. We also have years of experience with legacy systems, and know what it takes to extract your data with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Razorleaf Clover for Data Migration

Based on its experience in data migration, Razorleaf has created a custom software product for data migration. Clover is an open integration platform designed to support implementation, migration or upgrades of PLM applications and databases. Clover can facilitate data migration with systems outside of PLM such as ERP, MES, industrial automation, and CMS using open interface protocols.

The platform operates using industry standard connection methods including SOAP, Web services and direct database connections. Third-party microservices allow users to move files, renditions, and business data in the correct format. It can be paired for 1:1 or 1:many endpoints, offering scalability.

Clover is recognized as an industry standard application integration platform. It has a flexible architecture, allowing it to scale to handle the largest data migration tasks. Razorleaf uses Clover to help customers retain feature sets they have come to rely upon in their application investments. Clover creates a controlled migration path forward, when upgrading becomes necessary.

Clover is an essential part of bringing engineering and manufacturing into a modern infrastructure. Making up-to-date data available across applications accelerates decision-making and pushes efficiency throughout the organization.

Clover Features

Clover is based on Razorleaf’s 16 years in system integration and data migration. It was designed by the Razorleaf team specifically for PLM and engineering data migration. Its specific features include:

  • Move data in and out of complex business systems fast and accurately
  • Simple to build and deploy
  • Configure even the most complex business processes with flexibility
  • Allows companies to stop manually re-entering data from one system to the next, improving data accuracy
  • Enhances the value of other applications systems by sharing and exchanging data in business process context.

Jitterbit for Data Integration

JItterbit is a data transport and transformation platform from Jitterbit Corporation. Razorleaf often uses Jitterbit along with Clover on some projects. Jitterbit is known for its “clicks not code” approach to designing custom data migration solutions. It deploys as a client solution and a server solution that work together.

The Jitterbit end-user client allows integration operations to be defined, mapped, and edited using a graphical interface. The operations are then deployed to the Jitterbit server-side solution, which handles the actual processing of data integration jobs.

Jitterbit integrations can be scheduled or triggered to run in batch or real-time. Several tools are provided to manage the process: real-time monitors with automatic validation and proactive alerts; administrative consoles with operation history log; project manager tools; and a summary of operations with point-and-click editing access. Jitterbit’s high-performance parallel processing capabilities can address millions of records in a matter of hours.

Jitterbit for Autodesk PLM

In addition to the flagship platform, Jitterbit also has a special edition for users of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle (formerly known as Autodesk PLM 360). Jitterbit worked closely with Autodesk on the creation of this next-generation, cloud-based PLM product. Jitterbit’s custom tools for Autodesk PLM offer a streamlined connection to a wide variety of data sources, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) installations, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps, CAD data management software including Autodesk Vault, or other applications and data sources.

If you need to move data from legacy systems or pull together several data management operations into one new environment, Razorleaf is ready with the experience, knowledge, and tools to do the job right.