Programming, Development & Customization

Customization doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Razorleaf’s experts ask, “should it be done?” before diving into, “can it be done?” to make sure that custom development is the right path to follow. This is the difference between a consultant and a developer-for-hire.

For many organizations, “customization” is a dirty word when it comes to software system deployment. But custom coding, scripting, and automation are sometimes exactly what are needed, particularly when these can offer a competitive advantage via some unique capability or streamlined process. Razorleaf offers the full breadth of custom development and programming (described below) as well as integrations.

Types of Customization

Razorleaf can deliver any type of custom development project required, from simple scripting jobs to more complex extensions of system functionality, all the way to full customizations where new behaviors and schemas are created. Some software tools provide robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and scripting languages to make automations simple, whereas other systems require external tools and techniques to customize their functionality. Whether it’s a multi-month turnkey custom program or a two hour recorded and modified macro, Razorleaf can deliver the perfect solution.

Custom Development Approach

Razorleaf’s product managers, software developers, and consultants have been developing scripts, extensions, standalone programs, and custom code for years, and have defined an internal set of best practices for enterprise software development. Razorleaf pulls from elements of the Rational Unified Process (RUP), Agile development techniques, and the Iconix process to deliver rapid solutions to thorny business problems like workflow voting, multi-level BOM roll-up, and more. Domain models, specifications, and use cases figure prominently in Razorleaf’s approach to development, ensuring quality, documented code and software extensions.

Development and Programming Tools

Razorleaf’s consultants are capable of addressing a large scope of programming and development tools, including:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio tools, including:
    • C# (and C#.NET)
    • Visual Basic.NET
    • ASP.NET
  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • Java
  • JavaScript (and ECMAScript)
  • (SmarTeam) BasicScript
  • InfoPath
  • MQL (Matrix Query Language)
  • AML (Aras Markup Language)
  • Dispatch (for Conisio and Enterprise PDM)
  • CAA and CAA2 (for Dassault tools)
  • C++
  • Database development tools, including:
    • ANSI standard SQL (Structured Query Language)
    • Oracle PL-SQL
    • SQL Server T-SQL
  • Operating system automation tools, including:
    • Windows batch files
    • Linux/Unix shell scripting
    • Microsoft PowerShell

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