Consulting: Building a Path to Digital Transformation

Razorleaf is your digital transformation partner, helping you discover opportunities to improve operational performance. Combining new approaches to business strategy and technology deployment can drive new business growth and streamline operations. Your goal may be to digitize your organization’s operating model. Or you may want to launch new products or services or better interact with external partners through digital channels. Whatever the goal, our team of digital experts can help you build the capabilities you need to transform your organization.

IP Security
Engineering data is a manufacturer’s crown jewels. Making sure that data is secure, even while taking advantage of the latest cloud and mobile technologies, must be a top priority. Razorleaf can help you create a reliable, multi-level security system that consistently tracks, guards, and delivers accessible yet secure engineering data.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are now more common among all size organizations, bringing new complexity to product data management. The top challenge is to keep the data accessible and accurate, regardless of which site officially owns it. Razorleaf can help you create a seamless and secure product data environment across multiple platforms and locations.

Innovation Management
Successful manufacturing companies make innovation part of their core production workflows: innovative product ideas, innovative business models, and innovative business processes. With more than 15 years experience, Razorleaf can help you establish innovation best practices that will keep your company ahead of the competition.

Export Control (ITAR & EAR)
Export control regulations are demanding. Government requirements must be followed to the letter, businesses must make sure their knowledge of the law is current, and the software architecture used to manage export control regulatory compliance must satisfy security-grade compliance requirements. Razorleaf can help you get the right system in place that meets requirements without unnecessary overhead or technology creep.

Portfolio Planning
Strategic Portfolio Planning empowers decision makers to make the right innovation investments by identifying, prioritizing, and selecting new product development (NPD) projects that are the best fit for your company. On-going operational execution of NPD then benefits from adequate budgeting, scheduling, and resources. Razorleaf can help you define what your organization needs from new technologies and uncover hidden issues that can sabotage innovation.

Product Obsolescence
Obsolescence can be identified in three ways:

  • (a) Logistical obsolescence: It is more trouble to track performance or execute maintenance than is profitable;
  • (b) Functional obsolescence: The design is outdated, other components have changed, the part has reached a natural end-of-life based on wear, or there are other issues that make a part inferior; and
  • (c) Technological obsolescence: Advances make the part obsolete or competing products are clearly superior.

Rely on Razorleaf’s digital expertise to keep your company proactive and competitive.

Mass Customization
Mass customization makes new demands on manufacturing data systems like PLM. It requires rethinking many applications and services. Design, manufacturing planning, cost, vertical integration and more processes and systems must be examined. Razorleaf’s skilled implementation experts will work side-by-side with your team (virtually or physically) to map a strategy and design an integration plan that gives you the needed flexibility to embrace the mass customization revolution.

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