Jump Start your PLM Installation with a Proof of Concept

A Proof-of-concept (POC) is necessary to validate the PLM technical feasibility of the technology and vendor as well as analyze it’s financial viability. Razorleaf will create a POC for a variety of vendor PLM environments. Our program is targeted at organization that are implementing their first PLM system or are interested in gradually introducing PLM technology to replace legacy processes and
systems. It is designed to quickly establish a PLM environment using standard capabilities for team collaboration, document and CAD design management as well as review and approval processes.

In order to accomplish quick results, our POC program is intended for initial implementations located in a single physical location. The goal of this program is to have a “soft” introduction of PLM functionality and benefits to the customer’s user community. As such, other implementation considerations such as data migration and system integration are not included. Our team wants you to use the system for further refinement of existing processes so a successful data migration and system integration will be successful.

Implementation Approach

The POC program will first install the 3DEXPERIENCE software environment on your company’s hardware. During this process, IT staff will be mentored on the installation process and the necessary procedures to keep the system up and running. Following this initial installation, a system architect will work closely over the next 4 weeks with a core team of  subject matter experts from your company to teach them how to use the system’s standard out-of-the-box capabilities and configure workflows and release procedures to best match existing organization approaches. This core team will become your PLM evangelists responsible
for teaching others how to use the system. Total project length is capped at 4 weeks duration in order to provide scope control and ensure that benefits are quickly realized. Your Razorleaf team will work with you to discuss costs, schedule the project, and make sure all necessary pre-project activities have been properly addressed. Additional options for configuration and integration are available to help align the client’s product development transformation. 

Why a POC?

A POC can deliver quite a few benefits.  It is a first step in creating momentum for a project’s success and acceptance. It identifies the gaps, risks and roadblocks to successful implementation and provides the knowledge to plan accordingly.

  • Accelerate learning about the technology
  • Showcase how the technology will impact your business
  • Validate business scenarios
  • Evaluate design choices before a full-scale implementation
  • Minimizes development costs
  • Demonstrates the benefits of the project and can affirm ROI calculations

Achieve rapid results with a Razorleaf PLM Proof of Concept!