Improve the Health of Your PLM System

Is there a difference between a healthy PLM system and a successful PLM system? A PLM system is healthy when it runs without errors, does not crash, and has adequate performance. In addition, Razorleaf believes that just because a PLM system is healthy that does not necessarily mean it is successful.

Having a PLM system that is error free with good performance  is an enviable position, but it does not mean you have a successful PLM deployment. Were your original goals to reduce engineering change time-cycles by 20% or maybe you wanted to reduce errors in data transfer to MES or ERP systems. Unless you measure features, functions, and capabilities against your original goals – you never know where you are in relation to your goals. 

Razorleaf finds that the original goals of the PLM system sometimes get lost. Your organization only has so much money and time to spend on various initiatives. If time and money is being spent on something, and the value to the business (ROI) cannot or is not being measured, someone will, at some point say, ‘why are we spending money here?’. If you cannot answer that question funding and/or resources will be pulled.

Questions for Consideration

  • First, is the system healthy, running right, error free, etc.? If not, what needs to be done to get there?
  • What were your original goals?
  • Are they still valid? If not, what should the new goals be?
  • How do you objectively measure success?
  • What is the gap between where you are and where you need to be?
  • What steps need to be taken to close the gap?
  • What time frame is realistic to execute those steps?
  • How will you measure processes toward closing the gaps?

Razorleaf offers a PLM Health Check – an interactive work session with role-based interviews and system analysis to gather client’s PLM data (infrastructure, usage, processes, practices, adoption). This data is then compared to our PLM best practices. We analyze the current state of your PLM system, identify areas of exposure, and discover opportunities for improvement.  The client is then provided with a detailed report that summarizes our recommendations to improve the health of their PLM environment.

Our consulting team will help ensure that your PLM system is running as it should. An in-depth look at multiple areas of your PLM environment that will allow us to evaluate the current health of your PLM system. From security and IP protection to license allocation review, integration, and database integrity, we identify gaps and recommend a course of action to remedy and improve the health of your PLM environment.