Assess Your Digital Thread Maturity

Where is your organization on the scale of digital thread maturity?

We have found every organization has different needs and requirements. While there are some things that need to be in place to support a digital thread environment, there are nuances that make every organization unique.  We can help you identify where you are on the maturity scale and carve out the necessary steps that need to be taken to best prepare for creating and supporting a digital thread environment. 

A Digital Thread Maturity assessment is a structured interactive consulting session to help identify key integration points or process gaps required to support the digital thread throughout the client’s organization from engineering to supply chain. Razorleaf consultants identify the focus areas for investigation determined after kickoff. We provide a detailed report that summarizes the client’s digital thread maturity, short and long-term vision, and recommendations to improve processes and production efficiency.

Take the next steps in your Digital Thread Journey with a FREE Digital Thread Maturity Assessment. 

Establish a Model Based Enterprise

In addition, Razorleaf offers another consulting session to help establish and understand the maturity of your Model-Based Enterprise (MBE). Our team identifies the focus areas for investigation determined after the initial team meeting. We focus on these key models: Model Based Definition, Model Based Manufacturing, Model Based Quality, Model Based Engineering (Analysis), Model Based Systems Engineering, Model Based Sustainment. Our goal is to establish a short and long-term vision so our clients can successfully adopt a Model-Based X approach to increase productivity, reduce time to market, and improve the innovation process.

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