1. What is Clover?
  2. What kind of things does Clover include?
  3. What is the purpose of each of the components of Clover?

What is Clover?

Simply put, Clover is the brand from Razorleaf that encompasses our tools and utilities for system connections. Clover allows us to do system integration, we use Clover to connect System A to System B.

Clover also has tools related to data extraction and data load for the cases where the data integration is not continuous, a one-time data load or extraction.

The illustration on the right shows the breadth of the Clover brand and how different Clover modules work together as well as how they work with other commercial systems. Let’s go through each of these:

Clover Migration Utilities

Razorleaf has been in business for over 16 years and during that time we have done hundreds of data migrations. We have exported and imported hundreds of millions of records from a variety of systems. Clover Migration Utilities are the commercialization of those tools.

When a client asks us to execute a data export or import we can leverage the Clover Migration Utilities to make this process faster and more accurate.

Clover Plugins

Clover Plugins are endpoint connectors. An endpoint is some business system and a Clover Plugins is the connector that allows Clover to talk to that system.

For example, Razorleaf has recently announced Clover-based solutions for SolidWorks PDM Professional, ENOVIA’s 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, Aras, SAP, NetSuite and Salesforce.

These solutions utilize Clover Plugins to connect to their respective systems and do the hard work. While the Clover Orchestration Server is the main consumer of Clover Plugins, in some cases, these plugins may be used as part of a data export or import so they might be used alongside of Clover Migration Utilities.

Additionally, there may be cases were a Clover Plugins is used by some other commercial middleware product.

Clover Orchestration Server

Next, let’s talk about the Clover Orchestration Server. The Clover Orchestration Server is the job management component of Clover. The Clover Orchestration Server is responsible for receiving jobs and invoking the correct plugin.

In some cases, a given integration may need to execute a number of Clover Plugins in a specific order. The Clover Orchestration Server receives the job and then executes these plugins in the defined order and, in some cases, may even pass data from one plugin to the next.

The Clover Orchestration Server also provides a user interface for job management as well as plugin configuration.

Lastly, the Clover Orchestration Server can run on-premises or on-cloud depending on your specific integration needs.

Clover Middleware Utilities

Finally, lest talk about Clover Middleware Utilities. Clover Middleware Utilities are tools that extend, enhance or improve commercial middleware.

In some cases our clients already have an existing commercial middleware solution like Jitterbit or Biztalk or Mulesoft. While all of these middleware solutions are very powerful, there are cases where an integration could be easier to build, more reliable or more capable with some middleware enhancements. That’s the purpose of Clover Middleware Utilities. Clover Middleware Utilities provide some of these enhancements on-top of commercial middleware.

When you use Clover Middleware Utilities along with your existing middleware to build your solution your time to completion, solution capabilities and solution reliability will be greatly increased.


Whether your need is a one-time bulk data export or import or maybe you need to point to point solution to connect two or more business systems together, Clover can help. If you are looking for a more robust integration that will need job management, prioritization and orchestration or need some enhancements to your existing middleware product, Clover will support that level of integration.

We are sure Clover can be of value to you for your integration needs.  Here are a few ways:

  • Get data in and out of your complex business systems faster and more accurately
  • Simple to build and deploy
  • Configure even very complex business processes with the greatest flexibility
  • Stop manually re-entering data from one system to the next and improve data accuracy
  • Enhance the value of other applications systems by sharing and exchanging data in business process context

I hope this overview of the Clover brand helps you to understand what clover is and how you might use it within your organization.

If you have a data integration project and would like to discuss it in more detail, please send us an email A Razorleaf representative will be in touch with you.

Download the Clover overview PDF to learn more about this great product.

Watch the video above to find out the answers to three of the most common questions we get related to Clover.