SharePoint is a collection of software products from Microsoft used to enhance collaboration, process management, search and document management-related functions.

Users interact with SharePoint through a Web browser. Data in SharePoint is contained in lists, which may be a library of revision-controlled documents, a series of assigned tasks, a calendar with appointments, contacts or a project plan. SharePoint is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook, providing users with a very simple and intuitive way to manage their data with products they use daily.

SharePoint is the fastest-growing server product in the history of Microsoft and the second-fastest growing product ever (next to Windows 95). The SharePoint business unit is a $1-billion business unit for Microsoft. Microsoft’s publicly stated goal is to have every user of Microsoft Office, over 500 million people, be users of SharePoint as well.

Think of SharePoint as a central hub for all your content. You can fill it up with documents, organize them how you want, and easily share them with other people. There’s only one document you have to deal with—and it’s always in the same place and it’s always up to date. Instead of lots of people creating multiple versions in different places, you can get everyone to work on the same document—even at the same time—and SharePoint will keep track of everyone’s changes in one place. You don’t even need to be at your desk to get work done together. You can keep reviewing and tweaking your content while on the go, even offline and from virtually any device.

Razorleaf works with SharePoint as a Microsoft partner and maintains multiple related Microsoft certifications. Over the last few years, we have helped dozens of clients successfully implement SharePoint and expand their deployments to add functionality. We have worked with companies and government agencies across North America to streamline their manufacturing, design, legal, financial and human resource content and processes using SharePoint and SharePoint-related tools. Services that we provide specifically around SharePoint include:

  • SharePoint Project & Change Management Services
  • SharePoint Implementation & Deployment Services
  • SharePoint Configuration & Administration Services
  • SharePoint Technical Support Services
  • SharePoint Development & Programming Services
  • SharePoint Customization, Automation & Scripting Services
  • SharePoint Training Services
  • SharePoint Process Analysis, Methodologies & Best Practices

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