Experience what an Integrated PLM and ERP System can do

Infor PLM Discrete is a highly scalable and secure product lifecycle management solution for discrete manufacturers that supports high levels of complexity while flexibly adapting to your company’s changing business practices.

The solution integrates with ERP and CAD systems and unifies the product development process across mechanical, electronics, software, and firmware. It enables you to manage more complex configurations of the bill of materials (BOM), brings data together from across the product lifecycle, securely enables global supply chain access, and provides systems engineering functionality.

With Infor PLM Discrete, you can:

  • Streamline engineering-to-deploy processes, including standard products, and engineer-to-order (ETO) and assemble-to order (ATO) manufacturing.
  • Organize, control, and distribute product-related data and process data definitions.
  • Allow concurrent engineering work teams to use simultaneous, up-to-date sharing of current revision or critical product information.
  • Manage all documents in a secure environment, with role-based security on a combination of project and lifecycle status of product data entities.
  • Easily create and manage complex relationships between documents, items, and changes.
  • Access all files automatically throughout your enterprise anytime, anywhere

Infor PLM Discrete helps you drive product innovation, develop enterprise-wide agility, and improve accuracy and profitability. 

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