Ensure Rapid Release with Eggplant

Razorleaf understands that manual testing simply cannot address the ever-expanding test environment with increasing release frequencies across systems, databases, and IoT devices. To succeed in the digital age, manufacturers need a comprehensive test strategy that engineering and operational teams can collaborate on to ensure product innovation. This is where Eggplant comes in play.

Eggplant is an industry-leading software test automation platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to automate test creation and execution. This platform can test any technology on any device, operating system, or browser at any layer, from the user interface (UI) to application programming interfaces (APIs) to the database. This automation allows for quicker release without sacrificing quality.

One of the most difficult challenges facing organizations today is how to minimize business impact when executing PLM upgrades, customizations, and maintenance to enterprise applications. As systems age and personnel leave, fully testing new functionality and new software versions manually becomes particularly challenging.

Eggplant equips teams to test in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) expectations. They provide a scalable platform for test automation that moves beyond static failure notices to show teams where the problems lie, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve these issues.

Reduce the time and resources spent on manually testing your PLM customizations, new features, and releases by alleviating manual testing.

  • Consulting
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance & Support

Test Automation Benefits

  1. Cost & Speed
    Keep up with continuous delivery and faster release cycles
  2. Quality
    Deliver amazing customer experience & business outcomes with unique tests
  3. Fragmentation
    Multi-platform complexity covers all technologies non-invasively
  4. DevOps
    Bringing together siloed dev and ops teams. Testing in development as well as in production.
  5. Skills
    Embrace business and technical testers. One platform that caters to test and business professionals

Find out how Razorleaf’s testing services is the only way to execute a continuous delivery strategy to improve your application development process without sacrificing quality.

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