Automate and Configure Your Design on Any Device.

DriveWorks is a leading Design Automation tool for SOLIDWORKS users.  As a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner Solution, DriveWorks is tightly integrated with SOLIDWORKS, allowing users to easily automate the mechanical design of products and the creation of derivative models and drawings from within SOLIDWORKS.

In Engineer-To-Order (ETO) and Configure-To-Order (CTO) companies, DriveWorks is often used outside engineering by groups like sales or customer service to respond to customer inquiries and requests.  In these environments it can also be used by outside distributors or customers, over the web, to configure their own orders and receive the associated quotes themselves.  The DriveWorks product line is developed by DriveWorks Ltd and sold through select SOLIDWORKS resellers worldwide.

The DriveWorks offerings consist primarily of three progressively more functionally capable products. DriveWorksXpress is an easy to use, basic design automation tool for SOLIDWORKS engineers that is built into every license of SOLIDWORKS.  DriveWorks Solo is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that expands on the functionality in DriveWorksExpress.  It runs within SOLIDWORKS to allow of more complex interactive user interfaces, wider control over SOLIDWORKS models and drawings, support for tabular data lookups, and the ability to generate output documents from provided templates.

The flagship product, DriveWorks Pro expands capabilities to the enterprise, supporting a permission-based team environment additional output document options, links to external data sources and workflow-style processes. DriveWorks Pro projects can be shared across the organization, by SOLIDWORKS and non-SOLIDWORKS users simultaneously.   It adds further control over user interfaces and adds support for SOLIDWORKS macro and DriveWorks API programming extensions.

DriveWorks Pro can generate Word, Excel and XML output documents and automatically email notifications with attachments.  It can also access external data sources like ERP or PLM systems to retrieve, validate or push information.  Links to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM and enterprise components such as the DriveWorks AutoPilot Server for offline generation of SOLIDWORKS models, and the DriveWorks Live Server to make DriveWorks projects browser-based, DriveWorks Live Server further expands the enterprise solution throughout the organization and onto the web.

Razorleaf has the distinction of being the first Certified Enterprise Solution Partner for DriveWorks in the world.  Since 2006, Razorleaf has helped dozens of clients successfully deploy and use DriveWorks.  We have worked with companies across North America, in numerous industries, to automate the design and configuration of their product lines, provide their customers with the ability to more directly and quickly request custom products and pricing, and to integrate to other import business or engineering systems.  Services that we provide specifically around DriveWorks include:

  • Project & Change Management Services
  • Implementation & Deployment Services
  • Configuration & Administration Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Development & Programming Services
  • Customization, Automation & Scripting Services
  • Training Services
  • Process Analysis, Methodologies & Best Practices

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