How to Resolve Product Costing

Rapid changes impacting manufacturing make it more important than ever to drive accurate information into every aspect of design, engineering, and production. But most organizations lack a good framework for estimating costs. There are seemingly unlimited options in materials, processes, suppliers, and delivery. The speed, volume, and diversity in today’s design and procurement processes can be unmanageable without standardized processes for checking and documenting supply and manufacturing costs with high confidence. What’s needed is a way to keep tight control on product costs during design and manufacturing to improve procurement and achieve higher profits. Razorleaf has helped hundreds of manufacturers improve their design-for-cost practices. We base our work on best practices that make product costing part of the design optimization process. This allows you to predict supply and manufacturing costs with confidence as you negotiate with suppliers. Find out how Razorleaf’s team of experts can help solve your product costing problems. Contact us today.

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