How to Resolve Bill of Materials Issues

The bill of materials is an important component of any design and manufacturing project. Keeping it accurate is critical as the BOM follows the product from conception to production. Errors can lead to incorrect inventory and long lead times on parts, inaccurate costing which impacts ROI, and out-of-spec products that lead to costly customer returns. Even with the best of intentions, the BOM process can become disconnected. Managing the pieces on paper or in Excel hinders information sharing across the team. This can lead to individual BOM copies in various stages of revision spread across the company. When this happens, updates often never get incorporated and errors quickly multiply. What’s needed is a flexible, distributed system that provides a single model of the data that can be integrated both up and downstream. Different people in different functions in the company can access views of the data they need as product development progresses from CAD to bill of materials to ERP. Find out how Razorleaf’s team of experts can help you solve bill of materials issues.  Contact us today.

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