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Dx explores which digital capabilities are enhancing visibility, efficiency and innovation across the supply chain. Our talks and interactive sessions promise to showcase the true power of data, and analyse which next generation technologies enable a true end to end digital enterprise.


Digital Product Design and Development

Digital design offers real time global collaboration. When combined with digital models, teams can understand and test systems in a way that is not possible through text based documents. This stream will focus on how companies are utilising simulation and model-based systems to drive innovation, reduce speed to market and enhance quality.

Digital Manufacturing

As we move to creating a connected and digital enterprise, companies are closing the loop between design and production to improve efficiency and agility, reduce time to market and identify innovation throughout the value chain. This stream will explore how companies are implementing technology to enable seamless data flows and step closer towards automated and connected production.

Data Integration and Intelligence

The explosion of IoT is transforming what we understand about products and is a major driver of the possibilities of digital twins and the digital thread. Organizations want a seamless, continuous flow of real time data to power enterprise decisions. A big challenge within this is the interoperability or lack of, causing stagnated digital programs. This stream will hear about the nitty gritty of setting out a robust, standardized data strategy to drive business intelligence.


A big challenge today is how to ensure buy-in from senior leaders as well as whole organizations. This stream will focus on discussions around the relevancy of PLM today and whether this will become desolate to other digital platforms.

Digital Transformation

Digitalization is everywhere, but just ‘going digital’ is not enough to gain a competitive edge. Companies need to become full digital enterprises, capable of integrating multiple data sources technology, people and processes. This stream will explore the fundamentals needed for transformation, the importance of defining a concrete strategy, and how to ensure you align this to your core business values.

Disruptive Technology

Once you have established a clear digital roadmap, what is the next stage? This stream will focus on how companies are utilizing AI, AR/VR and immersive technology to connect the future to today.