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Thank you for participating in the Digital Thread Maturity Assessment.  A Razorleaf PLM Consultant will contact you to schedule your 30-minute Results Analysis.  Until then, please see below to access where your organization lies in the Digital Thread Journey.

90 – 100%:
Your organization is doing VERY well and should be proud of your progress. No journey for excellence is ever complete, but your digital thread is strong and effective. We look forward to helping you reach peak performance to close the gap on the last few areas of improvement.
75 – 89%:
This score represents strong digital capabilities with the opportunity to address the last one or two remaining areas of weakness or to stretch for optimization of your already mature practices. Let’s talk about how we can help you see the connections between your remaining focus areas and prioritizing your projects to keep momentum in your digitalization projects.
60 – 74%:
With a score in this range, the good news is that your organization is still a leader in digitalization when compared with performance globally. Nonetheless, there are capabilities that your group needs to develop and enhance to optimize your digital thread. We can help you identify, isolate, and target those areas.
Under 59%:
It is evident that your organization has challenges related to its digital thread and has plenty of work to do to make sure that you aren’t falling behind competitors. Let’s talk so that we can help you identify what’s critical, what’s important, and how working in one area can help solve problems across functions/departments. With some insight, a game plan, and hard work, you can enhance your group’s capabilities and bring this score up.
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