DSLS Distributed License Stacking Behavior

Dassault’s primary license server, DSLS, has some pretty interesting features, but we just ran into one that could be applicable in a number of situations. DSLS is capable of stacking licenses from more than one license server at the request of a single client. DSLS’s license stacking feature is documented in the manual (around page […]

Aras Delivers IHS-Linked Component Engineering Solution

Aras recently announced the release of their Aras Component Engineering solution to help product developers make better component decisions early in the product lifecycle. The key value in the Aras solution is exposing the millions of components available in the IHS CAPS Universe Electronic Component Database to designers via their natural interface, the PLM system, […]

EPDM Office Add-in Replaces Office2PDM

Back in 2013, SolidWorks released an add-in for Enterprise PDM which included most of the features of Razorleaf’s Office2PDM tool. This add-in is compatible with EPDM 2013 and EPDM 2014, so many Office2PDM users will no longer have significant need for a separate product to provide Office integration functions. As a result, Razorleaf has discontinued […]

Razorleaf at COE 2012

Even if you’re not able to attend COE 2012 Annual Conference this year, join us for live updates from the event by following us on Twitter.  Razorleaf is also presenting at the event, and we are posting our presentations to www.razorleaf.com/coe2012. If you do happen to be at the event, you can meet up with us – just […]

Searching Tip: Context

Are you ready to take your search capabilities to the next level?  If you’re like many professionals today, you’re inundated by information at work, and sifting your way through it can be challenging.  You probably already use Google, Bing, or some other search engine for the Internet.  And maybe you even use the search tools […]

Inforbix Gets Started

For those of you familiar with the key players at Dassault, ENOVIA, and SmarTeam over the years, you probably know Oleg Shilovitsky.  Oleg is the former Chief Technology Officer for SmarTeam, and is one of the founders of a new product data applications company, Inforbix.  Simply put, Inforbix is in the early stages of developing […]

Autocomplete and IntelliSense

If you’ve been developing programs for a while, you probably either love autocompletion features or you hate them.  If you’re in the former camp, or you’re just getting started with programming, this tip is just for you.  Autocomplete, or the Microsoft equivalent, IntelliSense, is a feature within certain software that tries to automatically complete what […]