SolidWorks Modeling for Automation: The Mate Debate

SolidWorks assembly mates are a powerful 3D design capability, but they are often take for granted. Designers expect them to work every time, all the time, even when mating information isn’t 100% clear to the software. If you’re using SolidWorks assembly mates in a design automation scenario, and you’re experiencing some frustration with SolidWorks’ behavior, […]

What is XML?

What is XML? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking that question at some point in time. To some, it’s just another meaningless acronym. To others, whether knowingly or not, it’s a key technology that they use every day. Today we’re going to give you the skinny on XML. Not just that, we’re also going to fill […]

Tacton’s TCsite for Quoting

Sales Configurators configure products. They understand product structure. They understand the interrelations between and within components in your product. And they guide your users through the process of developing an optimal and completely manufacturable way for you to make money. But when it comes to generating a quotation with multiple line items and multiple configured […]

TactonWorks Weldment Profile Control

The latest incarnation of the TactonWorks product, release 4.2.2, has introduced an additional level of control over SolidWorks models. Companies that leverage the SolidWorks weldment functionality can now use the Tacton configurator to allow users (or the Tacton configurator engine) to select the structural member profile of their choice. 

Design Automation with SolidWorks Macros

The new Design Automation (DA) tools for SolidWorks are wonderful. DriveWorks, TactonWorks, and a host of others all give you the power to drive SolidWorks models…within reason. However, there are times when you want more control than the tool is willing to give you. Recently, a client asked us to remove instances from a linear pattern through […]

All Together: Collections in Tacton

Whoever said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts must not have been responsible for automating costed Bills of Materials. TactonStudio and TactonWorks both give you the ability to add and multiply within you constraints or in Post-calc fields, but totaling up large numbers of values is time consuming, a maintenance nightmare and hardly very scaleable. Enter into this picture, the collection.