More DriveWorks 8 Revealed

OK, so we’re not WikiLeaks (so PLEASE don’t launch a Denial of Service attack against us) since we’re pulling this information from the Philip Stears blog ,and we’re pretty sure he’s OK with it. But we want to make sure that all of this good stuff about DriveWorks 8 is getting to our readers. So […]

DriveWorks 8 Rules Engine Secrets

Yes folks, you’re hearing it here first (unless you read the Philip Stears blog, in which case you’re reading it here second). Philip, lead developer at DriveWorks, is slowly leaking out some teasers of what’s coming in the new release of DriveWorks, version 8. We anticipate that we will see the full reveal of DriveWorks […]

DriveWorks 8 Revealed!

OK, so maybe not all of DriveWorks 8 is being revealed, but in his blog, Philip Stears (lead developer at DriveWorks) is starting to leak details about the treasures in the new version of DriveWorks. Last year, DriveWorks unveiled their current version (DriveWorks 7) at SolidWorks World, and we anticipate that we may see that […]

Fear of the Engineering Cloud

Fear seems to be a big part of the engineering-on-the-cloud discussion, at least in the blogosphere and on discussion boards.  But I think there are two different fears that need to be addressed.  The first fear, the fear of losing your intellectual property, can be overcome and it is what I would call an “unhealthy” […]