Why Can’t I Use SharePoint for PDM/PLM?

In my conversations with clients and prospects this is a question I frequently get asked. At its surface, SharePoint seems like an equal to PDM/PLM. It has the ability to manage files, file access and revisions. It has the ability to track meta data about files or records and it has a workflow engine. Isn’t this basically what a simple PDM or PLM system do?

What is XML?

What is XML? Maybe you’ve found yourself asking that question at some point in time. To some, it’s just another meaningless acronym. To others, whether knowingly or not, it’s a key technology that they use every day. Today we’re going to give you the skinny on XML. Not just that, we’re also going to fill […]

Razorleaf's New SharePoint Performance Utility

This week, Razorleaf is announcing the release of a new utility, PART for SharePoint. PART (Performance Assessment and Reporting Tool) for SharePoint is designed to help optimize SharePoint/SQL Server environments to maximize performance. PART for SharePoint is the cumulative effort of Razorleaf’s team of experienced, certified SharePoint Professionals and SQL Server DBAs.

Searching Tip: Context

Are you ready to take your search capabilities to the next level?  If you’re like many professionals today, you’re inundated by information at work, and sifting your way through it can be challenging.  You probably already use Google, Bing, or some other search engine for the Internet.  And maybe you even use the search tools […]

Intoducing PowerPivot

 Microsoft recently introduced a product called PowerPivot.  You may have heard about it under it’s code name Gemini.  The idea of PowerPivot is simple: allow Microsoft Excel users to quickly filter, analyze and display massive amounts of data and share their findings via SharePoint.  PowerPivot allows users to build analytic information by pulling data from […]

Calculations in SharePoint

You love them in Excel, in fact you can’t live without them.  You use formulas and calculations in Microsoft Excel to show real-time results as data changes.  As you begin to capture more data in SharePoint as a result of collaborating on projects, documents, or automated processes, you will probably want to have the same ability […]

Archiving ShareVis Forms

Although electronic workflow tools are great at automating and optimizing business processes, sometimes you just need a static copy of the finished workflow form.  In some cases, the static copy is for public distribution while the actual process lives in a more restricted area.  Fortunately, ShareVis makes creating a static copy of a workflow form […]

SharePoint 2010 Officially Released

On May 12, 2010 the folks in Redmond officially released Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 to the public.  This latest release of SharePoint includes a number of important new features, some of which are SharePoint-specific, and others of which are tightly tied to the co-release of Office 2010.  The updated version will be very compelling […]