Database Platforms and ENOVIA SmarTeam

In service pack 4 for SmarTeam V5R17, Dassault has introduced support for an important minor release of the Oracle database platform. Starting with SP4, SmarTeam is certified for use with Oracle 10gR2 (10gR1 was previously the only supported version of the 10g platform). This is particularly important for SmarTeam Multi-Site users, but is relevant for […]

Assembly Retrieval in PDMWorks Enterprise

Double clicking on an assembly in PDMWorks Enterprise will open the assembly in SolidWorks, but what version of the assembly will open, and more importantly, what versions of the assembly’s components will open? 

The answer to both questions can be very simple if the option “Always work with latest version of files” is checked.

Speed ENOVIA SmarTeam Searches

Depending on how your users like to search in SmarTeam, evaluating the statistics and manipulating the indices on your SmarTeam databases may improve performance. Examples of fields that might benefit from additional indices could be Part/Drawing Number, Description, Material, or other frequently searched fields. Naturally, this will vary depending on what attributes are commonly used […]