Design Automation with DriveWorks: The First Steps

One of the greatest assets that Razorleaf can claim is a breadth of knowledge across industries and technologies. Recently, I had the opportunity to jump into something really fun and exciting, where you enter product details into a form and magically, models and drawings appear to suit your use case. I’m talking about DriveWorks design automation software.  More importantly, I had the opportunity to work with industry expert, Paul Gimbel and learn some things you can only learn by working on real projects. 

DriveWorks Modules Demystified

We’ve heard the questions that are on your mind, and so has DriveWorks.

Understanding how DriveWorks automation helps bring in new business and reduces the load on your engineering team has never been a challenge. But occasionally, there’s a bit of confusion about the components of a DriveWorks implementation.

SolidWorks Modeling for Automation: The Mate Debate

SolidWorks assembly mates are a powerful 3D design capability, but they are often take for granted. Designers expect them to work every time, all the time, even when mating information isn’t 100% clear to the software. If you’re using SolidWorks assembly mates in a design automation scenario, and you’re experiencing some frustration with SolidWorks’ behavior, […]

Invisible, Selectable, Dangling Dimensions

Every software is bound to have its idiosyncrasies, and SolidWorks is no exception. One that we have experienced recently involves working with drawings that have dangling dimensions. DriveWorks automations will frequently leave unneeded dimensions dangling on a drawing, and that’s not a problem (they’re unnecessary anyway, right?). But when they are invisible yet still selectable, […]

DriveWorks 9 Released

On February 16, 2012 at the DriveWorks World conference in San Diego, California, the latest version of the DriveWorks Design Automation and Sales Configuration software was released to the world. Along with significant performance increases, DriveWorks 9 introduced a couple of new goodies that most DriveWorks administrators and architects will appreciate.