Three Reasons to Attend 3DExperience Forum

3D Experience Forum 2014 Banner

There are three main events each year for people interested in software products from Dassault Systèmes: COE Annual Conference (held in the spring), 3DExperience Forum (typically held in November), and SolidWorks World (held in late January or early February). The events have different content and target audiences, and since clients frequently ask us which conference they should attend, we thought we’d explain a little bit about them and give you three reasons why 3DExperience Forum is worth attending. Continue Reading

Announcing Version 3 of CADFIT

CADFIT Logo on WhiteThis week, Razorleaf is announcing the release of version 3 of CADFIT, a free utility for discovering problems within SolidWorks data sets. Three years ago, we delivered CADFIT to help customers assess the quality of their SolidWorks data prior to PDM migrations, but we quickly realized that lots of SolidWorks users have a need to understand the health of their data. Since that time, we’ve continued improving the tool and we’re proud to announce that the latest version works completely standalone (no data needs to be sent back to Razorleaf), and delivers even more SolidWorks-specific information in the reports.

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Change in Dassault Version Naming

Dassault Systems 3D Experience CompassThose accustomed to the familiar V5 version lexicon that has been in use by Dassault Systemès for roughly 15 years are soon to learn a new naming schema for all V5 products, starting with V5R22. There is method to Dassault’s madness with the change in naming system, but the new versions are a mouthful. V5-6R2012 has officially replaced V5R22 as the name for the current release of Dassault’s version 5 software. Continue Reading

Rand Worldwide Partners with Razorleaf

Rand Worldwide LogoRazorleaf is pleased to announce our recent relationship with Rand Worldwide, a global provider of technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements.  Rand Worldwide selected Razorleaf to provide Rand’s Dassault Systèmes customers with ongoing phone support for ENOVIA SmarTeam, CATIA, and other Dassault products.  Rand’s customers began transitioning to Razorleaf’s support processes late in 2010.

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PTC Introduces Creo

If you’re a 3D CAD user, you no doubt recognize the name PTC, or at the very least, Pro/ENGINEER.  But with the recent announcement by PTC of their new product line, Creo, the Pro/E brand’s days have become numbered.  Creo is a new line of products based on technology from PTC’s three main design and viewing brands, Pro/ENGINEER, ProductView, and CoCreate.  Creo was introduced October 28th, 2010 (known up until the launch date as “Project Lightning”) and is slated to be delivered in 2011.  Those are the basics, but what is this really all about and why is it important in the PLM industry?  Continue Reading

SmarTeam SolidWorks 2011 Certification

Wow.  For those of you in the SolidWorks – SmarTeam communities, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised if you haven’t read about this elsewhere already.  With the release of SolidWorks 2011 early last week, ENOVIA SmarTeam provided the fastest certification they have ever provided for a new version of SolidWorks.  In less than one week, SmarTeam had certified SolidWorks 2011 SP0 with ENOVIA SmarTeam V5R20 SP4 (it certainly took more than a week to certify the new version, but this is some impressive scheduling on Dassault’s part).  There are some details, and a few caveats, but in general it seems like the SolidWorks and ENOVIA brands are working closer together than ever inside of Dassault Systemes.  Continue Reading

CATIA V5 UUID Uniqueness

Given that UUID stands for Universal Unique Identifier, it may seem strange to talk about uniqueness in this context.  But it comes up more often than users might like inside of CATIA V5.  It isn’t simple to determine the UUID of a CATIA V5 file, nor is it easy to manipulate the value.  With a little bit of information though, it isn’t too hard to avoid some basic CATIA V5 UUID problems.  Continue Reading