Rand Worldwide Partners with Razorleaf

Razorleaf is pleased to announce our recent relationship with Rand Worldwide, a global provider of technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements.  Rand Worldwide selected Razorleaf to provide Rand’s Dassault Systèmes customers with ongoing phone support for ENOVIA SmarTeam, CATIA, and other Dassault products.  Rand’s customers began transitioning to Razorleaf’s support […]

PTC Introduces Creo

If you’re a 3D CAD user, you no doubt recognize the name PTC, or at the very least, Pro/ENGINEER.  But with the recent announcement by PTC of their new product line, Creo, the Pro/E brand’s days have become numbered.  Creo is a new line of products based on technology from PTC’s three main design and […]

SmarTeam SolidWorks 2011 Certification

Wow.  For those of you in the SolidWorks – SmarTeam communities, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised if you haven’t read about this elsewhere already.  With the release of SolidWorks 2011 early last week, ENOVIA SmarTeam provided the fastest certification they have ever provided for a new version of SolidWorks.  In less than one week, […]

SolidWorks EPDM 2011 Launched

For avid SolidWorks users, this certainly isn’t the first announcement related to the launch of SolidWorks 2011.  But as you might expect, this article is more focused on the latest release of Enterprise PDM than on the release of SolidWorks itself.  It appears that EPDM 2011 will be another solid release of SolidWorks’ flagship PDM solution, […]

Razorleaf at COE 2010 Aero Workshop

Razorleaf will be speaking at COE 2010 Aerospace & Defense Workshop on October 12, 2010.  Jonathan Scott from Razorleaf will deliver “Cleaning Up CATIA V5 Data for PDM or V6” in support of one of Razorleaf’s partners, Adaptive Corporation.   This hands-on session is extremely timely given CATIA V5 users’ need to get their data under management in anticipation […]

Dassault Publishes V6R2011

Dassault Systemes delivered the first real release of V6 back in 2009 with V6R2010.  Since that time, the PLM software provider has been releasing new iterations of V6 twice a year.  The most recent release, V6R2011, shows increasing maturity in a number of areas such that parts of the product which were only “preliminary” in […]

Organizing CAD Models for Design Automation

The purpose of a design automation system is to control different aspects, or parameters, of your CAD models. These could be dimensions, features, component instances, and more. Creating a truly powerful and profitable automation requires a good number of parameters. Keeping track of these parameters can get tricky, so some CAD model organization techniques are […]

SolidWorks Event Wrappers

The SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface) is immensely powerful.  In fact, if something is doable within SolidWorks, the chances are good that there is a corresponding API.  As a result, automation possibilities are endless.  The SolidWorks API documentation is outstanding and, in most cases, provides exceptional detail.  However, one area that is somewhat tricky to […]