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Stone Aerospace

Stone Aerospace Improves Productivity by Automating Processes


Stone Aerospace is a distributed think tank specializing in AI-controlled, unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), robotic ice penetrators (cryobots), and computer-controlled closed-cycle life support systems to some of the world’s most remote places in the name of science, exploration, and national security.

Their SUNFISH AI-behavior-based UUV represents the world’s most sophisticated autonomous underwater system – the first to implement real-time 3D simultaneous localization and mapping as part of its navigation engine.

Key Challenges

Automating a manual process to extract data from SOLIDWORKS to OpenBOM and also migrate legacy date into OpenBOM.


Create a custom integration that automates processes without user intervention and migrate legacy data into OpenBOM extending the PDM-OpenBOM automation.


  • Streamlined process to prioritize product innovation
  • Improved productivity by no longer updating BOMs manually
  • Decreased error rate by approximately 10%
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