Aras guarantees and executes platform upgrades as part of the subscription, so customers never fall technologically behind. The Aras platform is designed to encourage business specific requirements by offering a strategic approach to customizations without negatively affecting the ability to upgrade. Investments made in customizations are never lost as part of the upgrade process.  Learn about the latest features and applications in Aras Innovator 12 SP9 * to continue your Digital Transformation journey. 

  • New user experiences to improve productivity
  • New capabilities to visualize and navigate your PLM data
  • New applications that extend and advance product development processes

User ExperienceAras Innovator

Enhance user productivity with new features for personalization, efficient search, and flexible multitasking in the latest Aras Innovator user experience:

  • New Start Screen
  • New Table of Contents functionality + Quick Access Panel
  • Favorite items/favorite searches
  • Save search layouts/relationship grid layout
  • New item type form features + new menu logout
  • New tabs + split screen functionality.

Enhanced Visualization

Dynamic Product Navigation (DPN) offers intuitive data visualization for overcoming PLM challenges. DPN allows your product’s CAD structure to become a visual “one-stop-shop” for related information: an easy-to-navigate visual repository of PLM data for configuring and enabling DPN on Legacy CAD.

  • New Dynamic Product Navigation ensures that even non-CAD users can access and derive value from CAD visualizations.
  • Quickly understand complex data with product viewable to pinpoint the right changes and improvements needed to meet your goals.
  • Construct 3D views live by leveraging the powerful query builder administrator. Quickly filter by parameters—any property or attribute of the data made accessible by the administrator setting up the query—to narrow down information.

Leverage New Applications

New applications extend PLM into new areas of the business: Systems Architecture, Simulation Management, and Digital Twin Core.

  • System Architecture: Provides synchronization with data generated by external system modeling tools and their related functional breakdown, requirements, and system context. It enables the management of more intricate designs, including considering how they operate within the broader context of the “system of systems.”
  • Simulation Management: Manages artifacts and process metadata generated during any simulation and analysis methodology performed at any stage of the design: including exploration, system modeling, and detailed.
  • Digital Twin Core: Creates and manages the exact digital representation of an individual physical asset and its changes over time. This digital twin configuration mirrors a specific unit in operation, such as an individual vehicle by VIN or aircraft by tail number. Digital Twin Core provides a low-code editor for modeling, adapting, and extending highly sophisticated configuration twin representations.

Optimize PLM

Product Engineering manages multi-CAD data and its changes, configurations, and variability. The latest updates include:

  • Engineering Effectivity: Create additional effectivity variables, manage your scope, set effectivity expressions – as simple or complex as your business requires, and resolve structures fully or partially given the effectivity resolution criteria.
  • Extend MultiCAD Data to the Enterprise: Connect all your Multi-CAD CAD data to a single enterprise PLM system, all without leaving the SOLIDWORKS environment, for a bi-directional synchronization of PLM data to the Aras Platform.

Current Aras users can upgrade to Aras 12 SP9 at no extra cost. Start your digital transformation any place, any time, and be guaranteed that the Aras platform will evolve, as does your organization.  

For additional information, please contact your Razorleaf  sales representative for further details on how you can upgrade Aras Innovator today.