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Using 3DSwYm as Your OCM Hub

By April 14, 2022July 17th, 2023No Comments

Mike Craffey, a senior consultant at Razorleaf, presented at COExperience 2022 about “Using 3DSwYm as Your OCM (Organizational Change Management) Hub”. In this session, he explores how using the Dassault Systemes 3DSwYm Community can help organize and connect individuals and groups within your organization to enable and support organizational change.

The challenges of organizational change are often overlooked. Mike shared the 12 steps to organizational change, which any organization can categorize their change management strategies in any number of ways.

Typical targets include:

  • Organization
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Structure
  • Process

Key OCM considerations:

  • Timely and relevant information will foster good communication and limit speculation and guessing.
  • Clear understanding of the change and knowing there is support available before, during, and after the change will go a long way to making people comfortable and confident.
  • Community with peers and leaders that have shared responsibility and community
  • Communication and access to content have a significant impact on adoption and sentiment.
  • Central place to find, collaborate, commiserate, etc., helps build comradery within the OC project.

3DSwYm As Your OCM Hub

The 3DSwYm application is a key feature in the 3DExperience platform and is the gateway to collaboration within organizations. 3DSwYm reveals the power of communities and conversations to share and innovate throughout internal and/or external ecosystems. It leads organizations to be more agile and innovative by providing intuitive content creation tools and social interaction.

3DSwYm the following key capabilities:

  • Create and join communities to learn from other users and share knowledge using contributions and comments grouped by expertise, activity, or interest.
  • Engage users with social contributions (post, media, questions, wiki pages, or even ideas) and participate with other community members to increase innovation.
  • Manage communities by selecting features that matter and inviting members that share the same skills and interests.
  • Manage your profile information, activities, connections, and settings in the My Profile widget.
  • Create conversations to exchange ideas on new concepts and transform the conversation into a community.
  • Launch audio and video calls to interact with the members of your conversation.

To view the presentation, download here.

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