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MBE Webinar Series: Continuity from Engineering to Shopfloor and Back

Michel Gadbois, iBase-t, Jonathan Scott, Razorleaf and Julie Fraser, Tech-Clarity will explore the critical factors that drive MBE success, address its challenges, and provide insights into achieving continuity between engineering and the shopfloor. In this webinar, we will: Learn the fundamentals of MBE and why it’s vital for your organization’s growth. Gain valuable insights from the latest Tech-Clarity MBE research. Discover the obstacles that may hinder your organization’s MBE journey and how to overcome them. Explore real-world examples and case studies. Get expert guidance on achieving engineering-to-manufacturing model continuity. Speakers: Michel Gadbois SVP, Chief Architect iBase-t Jonathan Scott Chief Architect Razorleaf Corporation Julie Fraser VP of Research for Operations and Manufacturing Tech-Clarity
Maggie Calderwood
October 25, 2023
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