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Securing Trilogy’s Parts & Vendors Data

By March 29, 2021July 13th, 2023No Comments

If you’ve been using Parts & Vendors for years like many folks in the engineering community, you were no doubt disappointed when Trilogy Design stopped supporting the product. For years, it was the best simple alternative to tracking parts, BOMs, vendors, etc. outside of spreadsheets. Just like Trilogy, we hate using spreadsheets to track BOM data, and think OpenBOM is a great way to get out of spreadsheets without having to deploy a full PLM system.

Migrate & Preserve Your Data

Like us, if you were disappointed when Trilogy stopped supporting P&V, you’re probably downright scared at this point. The notice on the P&V website says that it will disappear on December 31, 2020. Who knows what is keeping the website up and running, but knowing that it could go away at any moment, you may never be able to get another copy of P&V or its documentation. Maybe you’ve known this day would come, each time you get the system going by starting in “compatibility mode”, but it doesn’t make it any less scary now that the end is here. What happens to all of your data when you can’t run P&V anymore? Can you get your data out? What can you do with it once you get it out? Is it back to spreadsheets for you?

OpenBOM – P&V Alternative

We have a lifeline for you if that’s what you need. OpenBOM can support all of the key functions you’ve been doing in Parts & Vendors for years, and we can help you get your data moved over. Razorleaf has been helping people with their technical/engineering data for 20+ years, and we can help you secure your information AND keep you working in a secure, cloud-based equivalent to the system you loved dearly. You can finally retire that old Windows 7 PC that you kept around just to run P&V, and you can start managing your Parts, BOMs, Vendors, and more from any platform, including your mobile device. Never again worry about malware locking up or corrupting all of your critical P&V data, and shed the hassle of installing and connecting a multi-user P&V setup.

Take our lifeline. Reach out and let’s have a call. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help you get there. And if you’d rather check out OpenBOM before we talk, you can do that, too. Just like P&V was, OpenBOM is free to try out and use for individual users. Don’t wait – take steps now to secure your data, before it’s too late.

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