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Razorleaf Value Recognition Award Winners 2023

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Razorleaf’s culture is rooted in a set of six core values that have evolved and grown stronger over time. These values serve as the guiding principles by which we evaluate and select new team members, determine how our various teams collaborate across the organization, and set the expectations for how we engage with our clients and each other. These values are the foundation of our identity and include:

2023 Razorleaf Value Recgonition Awards

At the end of every quarter, employees nominate colleagues who they feel have demonstrated employee excellence and are an example of one or more of the 6 company values.  A story or example must be shared with every nomination.

Before the Annual Global Company Meeting, all the submissions are reviewed and one award is given for each value and one overall award is given to the person who best represents all our values.

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners:

Tamara Blaisdell – Do the Right Thing

Throughout the project, Tamara has consistently exhibited the qualities that align with our company’s values. She always does the right thing, making diplomatic decisions while maintaining honesty and integrity. Tamara’s approach to the project has been both flexible and disciplined, allowing her to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a structured approach to project management. Tamara remains humble and approachable, consistently demonstrating her exceptional capabilities while remaining a team player.

Michael Craffey – Exceptional But Humble

“I have many occasions to work with Mike this past year, in every case he listens intently to my thoughts and ideas.  Mike never talks down to people and shows respect to all levels, he always takes time to educate me when I need help, and truly shows respect when I need to be corrected  Mike is a wealth of knowledge, and he freely shares it, anytime I need help, he always lets me know when he is available, if not immediately and makes you feel like you are the most important conversation at that time.”

Pam Doubell – Help Others

Pam exemplifies our mission, purpose and values every day, especially in helping others. She works tirelessly to ensure that Razorleaf’s accounting is as accurate as possible.​  Beyond that, Pam is always ready and willing to support the Razorleaf team by creating new reports and providing information in a useful manner to various teams.  She comes up with ideas that will help other people do their job better. ​We are all able to do our jobs better because of the way she provides support and helpful information.”

Spencer Hale – Self Motivated, Self Aware

“Spencer had a project where he had to come up to speed and perform a demo to the customer on a major PLM upgrade. Of course, he didn’t know the material and needed to work hard to come up to speed in a very short period of time, but he was not deterred and only determined to succeed. His presentation skills are confident, disciplined, and clear which resonates the excellence that Razorleaf brings to the table. ​ It is easy to count on Spencer to do what is needed to get the job done. He takes guidance well and executes with confidence. His pleasant demeanor and attention to detail when explaining functionality to the customer, is a true talent for a consultant.

Dennis Lindinger – Flexible but Disciplined

“Dennis’ commitment is observable on a daily basis. He manages an absolute mountain of work, and at the same time constantly finds time to mentor and keep tabs on many within the Aras team.  His guidance has been instrumental on the Aras team, he has shown remarkable flexibility and adaptation in his time and effort.​ In particular, both internally and externally, he demonstrates flexibility and a commitment to delivering value to our customers in response to the plethora of questions that come his way. He is always willing to fit in a call no matter how many other items are on his agenda.​ Outside of his commitment to his customer-facing tasks, he shows great interest in helping to build a successful team here at Razorleaf, he is constantly looking for ways to build up our team members.”

Ken Mueller – All Around Excellence

Since joining our organization, Ken has not only embodied our company’s mission, purpose, and values, but he has also consistently acted as a beacon of excellence, inspiring us to aim higher, and pushing us to continually exceed our benchmarks. There are so many examples of Ken’s match to our core values and dedication to his job here are Razorleaf. His diplomatic, honorable, and honest nature has made him a trusted figure both within and outside the organization.”

Peter Servi – Take the Long View

Peter Servi lives the values of “Take the Long View”, he works to gain the trust of both the project team and the customer while keeping long-term objectives in mind. ​ Pete manages his projects with a steady hand and works to gain consensus between the customer and delivery team. He is diplomatic and honest in his communication.  He manages all his tasks appropriately and does not lose sight of changes that might impact the long-term success of a project.  ​Pete is always willing to put in the extra time to help others.”

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