Razoreleaf Clover CollectIT

Razorleaf announces the release of CLOVER CollectIT – a vendor-neutral, web-based file management software that allows you to extract, package, and securely distribute PLM files and data. You can share product information with employees, suppliers, and clients, including product part and BOM representations, related CAD files, and other technical documents to improve productivity, reduce costs, and automate processes.

CollectIT utilizes Razorleaf’s CLOVER technology, a communication hub enabling the exchange of Product Lifecycle Management data and processes between applications across systems, vendors, and domains.

This software navigates through the BOM hierarchy, including related items, to automate the manual extraction process for creating a Bid Package, Product Specification, End Item Data Packages (EIDP), and Technical Data Package (TDP).  Also, CollectIT provides custom templates including MIL-STD-31000B requirements to support Government and MBE standards. 

CollectIT offers a fast and easy way to share data and eliminates error-prone, manual exports of PLM data for non-experts. Organizations can simplify processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity while supporting a Digital Thread and MBE initiative. Ultimately, CollectIT improves collaboration and decision making across the extended enterprise.

Read our official press announcement. 

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