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Razorleaf is a Silver Sponsor at COExperience 2023

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Razorleaf will be exhibiting at COExperience in Miami, FL as a Silver Sponsor. COE is a fantastic event where we can meet with the users of the 3DEXPERIENCE community to share ideas, and discuss what is working when it comes to digital transformation efforts around ENOVIA, CATIA, and more.

Where: Hyatt Regency Miami
When: April 16-19th, 2023
Booth #201

At Our Exhibit:

Digital Thread, Digital Twin, and MBE Roadmaps

Are you in the process of creating a digital twin, digital thread, or a Model Based Enterprise (MBE) strategy? If you are, stop by and talk with one of our Razorleaf consultants. We can help you plan your strategy and share the common pitfalls that many 3DEXPERIENCE users may come up against in their execution.

Integration with our Clover Platform

One of the key elements in successfully creating a Digital Thread across your product life cycle and manufacturing execution systems is Integration. Stop by our booth and learn about Clover, our Integration platform that provides the capability to exchange product and engineering data with any endpoint as well as extract and share technical data packages (TDPs) with users outside of PLM and in the supply chain.

Razorleaf Presentations at COExperience

Mike Craffey, our 3DEXPERIENCE Practice Manager will be giving three talks at the event:

  • Why You Need Multiple 3DEXPERIENCE Environments
    • Tuesday, April 18th
    • 10:35 am -11:25 am
    • Room 2
  • Using 3DSwym as Your OCM Hub
    • Tuesday, April 18th
    • 3:40 pm – 4:30 pm
    • Room 2
  • Setting Up 3DEXPERIENCE Environments: Things I’ve Learned
    • Wednesday, April 19th
    • 10:40am – 11:30 am
    • Room 2
Why You Need Multiple 3DEXPERIENCE Environments

Like other critical enterprise systems, having several environments is a must to develop, test, train, and deploy the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Whether the environments are permanent or transient and whether they contain production data and files or just database records and is a Sandbox environment necessary, are just some of the topics we’ll explore. 3DEXPERIENCE administrators, infrastructure personnel, IT and business managers, and consultants will find this topic interesting.

Standing up and maintaining a 3DEXPERIENCE environment is not a simple or cheap task. Planning and funding multiple environments will be challenging. Understanding why a particular environment is necessary and for what duration will help support the funding of that environment. There are many different approaches in standing up environments. You could use the cloud, like AWS or Azure. You could have your own virtual machine-based solution in your data center. But having multiple environments presents new challenges, like how do you move configurations across environments, and how long does this environment need to be around, can it be turned off and on to save money, what about licensing? If you’re using the Dassault public cloud, how do multiple environments work there. Customers often wonder if there is value in having a Sandbox or out-of-the-box vanilla environment for regression testing. We’ll explore these topics and more.

If you’ve ever wondered how many different environments there could be or how many environments are necessary for a 3DEXPERIENCE deployment this session is for you. The session will be interactive and include a PowerPoint presentation.

Using 3DSwym as Your OCM Hub

Looking for a novel approach to Organizational Change Management, especially when deploying or upgrading 3DEXPERIENCE? Taking advantage of 3DSwym as your OCM Hub might offer a unique chance to ease your organizational change. 3DEXPERIENCE users, administrators, business analysts, solution architects, and organizational change managers will find this topic interesting.

In this session we’ll explore how using 3DSwym can help organize and connect individuals and groups within your organization to improve your organizational change. 3DSwym is a web application included in your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and is basically free of charge. The 3DSwym capabilities are enabled in the IFW role (license). 3DSwym can help your organization’s individuals, teams, departments, etc. distribute information, collaborate on tasks, ask questions, write blogs, create wiki’s and take polls. Communities can be established to allow private collaboration, to stage new training materials perhaps, and then the community could be moved to a public state for enterprise consumption. Individuals can build their social platform to facilitate connections with other individuals who share interests or abilities. Conversations can be initiated to gauge the level of interest in any specific topic and if there is enough interest the conversation can be promoted to a community unlocking that 3DSwym capability, again.

If you’re looking for a way to enable business transformation and change management by taking advantage of software you already own, this topic is for you. This session will be interactive and include a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying live demonstrations of 3DSwym features.

Setting Up 3DEXPERIENCE Environments: Things I’ve Learned

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform environment requires a bit more expertise and effort than the days of ENOVIA V6. You’ll need to learn about proxy and load balancing, ssl certificates and browsers, vertical vs horizontal scaling, external access for consultants and vendors and more. In this session I want to share the things I’ve learned over the past 10 years related to preparing, setting up, deploying and maintaining 3DEXPERIENCE environments. 3DEXPERIENCE administrators, infrastructure personnel, IT and business managers and consultants will find this topic interesting.

Over the past 10 years I’ve learned a thing or two about 3DEXPERIENCE environments. I’ve worked with many different clients and seen both simple and challenging situations. For instance, what challenges are involved in standing up 3DEXPERIENCE on Azure’s Government Cloud infrastructure? And just what should you think about when deciding to deploy in your data center if your data center is on AWS, Azure or a Co-Lo. We’ll explore how many environments are needed for what sorts of activities, like upgrades and data migrations. (I have a separate topic on Why You need Multiple 3DEXPERIENCE Environments.)

Other topics include:

  • Scaling: How many servers do I need?
  • Proxy and Load Balancing
  • Certificates
  • Remote access for external personnel
  • Sharing Sensitive Data
  • Installing 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Automation: Ansible and Terraform
  • Cloning and Refreshing
  • DevOps Automation
  • Containerization
  • Documentation

If you’re looking to learn from someone else’s experience (and mistakes), this session is for you. The session will be interactive and include a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying live demonstrations where applicable.

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