Stow, OH – March 15, 2016 – Razorleaf Corporation today announces it is releasing Clover integration connectors for ARAS Innovator to SAP, NetSuite and Salesforce.  Clover will enable the passing of business, product, and project data such as customer and supplier information, items and bills of materials, and project accounting and services data to improve profitability and enable on-time delivery of projects and products across the organization.  Clover goes beyond typical middleware and ensures that contextual business processes are aligned when passing data to improve process efficiency and data integrity.

“Connecting business processes between ERP, CRM, and Project Management with PLM helps align resources more effectively, enables better collaboration and saves our customers time and money.” stated Eric Doubell, CEO of Razorleaf Corporation.  “ARAS is a growing player in the PLM market, and we can help ARAS customers strategically plan and implement their PLM investment rapidly.  If they are using SAP, NetSuite or Salesforce, we can assist with getting those integrations set up so the data is shared effectively across the organization.”

“Business processes like Order Management, Bill of Materials and Items are interdependent, interactive functions that require the right data at the right time.  Many of these processes start in the PLM system.  For example, an ARAS workflow might be the starting point of an engineering change process that will eventually effect the items and bills of materials in the ERP system,” stated Derek Neiding, Director of Integrations for Razorleaf.  “Clover allows us to do this.  By bridging the gap between ARAS and other business systems, we can allow data to flow seamlessly from one system to the other.  Additionally, our connectors have out of the box functionality for common business use cases and is highly customizable for use cases that may be specific to a given client or industry.”

About Clover Integration Platform

Razorleaf’s Clover platform operates using industry standard connection methods including SOAP, Web Services and direct database connections and pairs with application-specific connectors to facilitate synchronized, real time data exchange.  It uses third-party microservices that allow files, renditions, and critical business data to arrive in the right format, at the right time, on the cloud and/or on premise, to the employees, customers, and vendors who need it. Clover can be paired with 1:1 or 1:many connectors, providing maximum scalability and enabling business data to move seamlessly through an organization.

About Razorleaf

Founded in 2000, Razorleaf is dedicated to helping clients bridge the gap between PLM technologies and business problems to deliver greater value from their technology investments. Razorleaf’s technology expertise spans Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM/TDM), Design Automation (DA), Process Management, Business Intelligence, and Systems Integration and Migration.  Razorleaf works with many PLM/CAD platforms including ARAS, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, DriveWorks, SharePoint and more. 

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PR Contact:

Juliann Grant
330-672-0022 x7151