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Is PLM Ever Done?

I was reading #ACECON19 tweets this week and saw one that asked the question "is a PLM implementation ever done?" On one hand, if the answer is no, that's pretty scary from a project and ROI perspective.

No Excel Add-In for HoloLens

My favorite quote from Peter Schroer of Aras from ACE 2019 is, “There is no Excel Add-in for HoloLens.” What Peter is referring to, of course, is Microsoft’s ubiquitous spreadsheet and their maturing entry into the world of MR (Mixed Reality).

How Many Do You Need?

The wonderful thing about design automation is that we can work with so many situations where we handle a large number of unknowns.
The frustrating thing about design automation is that we can work with so many situations where we handle a large number of unknowns. 

Aras ACE 2019 Wrap Up

Fresh back from the Aras ACE 2019 conference we got to learn so much about the "Red Hot PLM" platform; or is it just a PLM platform? The event was packed with valuable sessions, including an enhanced training track that offered attendees more hands on experiences with many of the business applications within the products ever growing portfolio.

Is a Healthy PLM System a Successful PLM System?

Is there a difference between a healthy PLM system (or any business system) and a successful PLM system? A PLM system is healthy when it runs without errors, does not crash and has adequate performance. Razorleaf believes that just because a PLM system is healthy that does not necessarily mean it is successful.