What is THAT Thing?? DriveWorks 16 Specification Macros

Those of you who are new to DriveWorks or new to the use of Specification Macros (“spec macros” as Glen Smith is keen to tell us all the cool kids call them) will not notice anything out of the ordinary when you first see the spec macros form in DriveWorks 16. I mean, you’re seeing it for the first time. But those seasoned veterans who have spent time pulling tasks from the toolbox are bound to be taken aback when seeing spec tasks in DriveWorks 16.

Troubleshooting Techniques for DriveWorks

Before we can start troubleshooting anything, we need to first figure out what is wrong. Now I mean this in the most general way. Are we having a problem where the drawing is incorrect? Are we having a problem even getting a drawing to generate when we release? Are we even getting to the point where we can release? Is our computer even able to startup? If the problem is the last one, try turning it off and back on again.

Review of DriveWorks World 2018

The two biggest themes in DriveWorks 16 (DW16) seem to be 3D Interaction and CPQ. While DriveWorks has always been quite capable of serving all of the needs of the CPQ community, DriveWorks 15 introduced a CPQ “template” (such an inadequate term for as much as it does).

Partner Spotlight: MLC CAD Systems Helps Solve Complex Data Management, CAD and PLM Problems with Razorleaf

One of Razorleaf’s longest standing partnerships since 2002, MLC CAD Systems of Tempe Arizona, is a leading reseller and service provider of CAD, CAM, and Additive Manufacturing solutions. Razorleaf and MLC CAD Systems have teamed up numerous times over the course of the relationship to help clients implement PDM, CAD, Design Automation technologies.