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Aras Innovator Installation: Let’s make this easy

Aras Innovator is a powerful PLM platform designed for flexibility, scalability, and security. Although the task of managing product lifecycle for which it was designed is one of significant complexity, actually installing Aras Innovator is a relatively simple process compared with many other enterprise-level software products. Even so, installation can be made difficult if the pre-install environment is not correctly prepared, and the installation process itself does contain a few “gotchas” to be aware of. This article is intended to help make the work as painless as possible.
Dennis Lindinger
December 13, 2023

Razorleaf’s new Web Site!

We have a new look! In case you missed the announcement on our LinkedIn page, Razorleaf launched a new web site in September that reflects our brand and global focus for 2023 and beyond. We are Global With offices in the UK, Netherlands, India and France, we will be taking a more global focus on our projects, team, and successes. Improved Navigation We have reorganized our navigation to simplify the user experience and make content easier to find.  We have added an industries page to share our expertie and some new resources. We will continue to build out the site. We hope you take some time to explore it.  
Juliann Grant
October 30, 2023

Razorleaf Value Recognition Award Winners 2023

Razorleaf's culture is rooted in a set of six core values that have evolved and grown stronger over time. These values serve as the guiding principles by which we evaluate and select new team members, determine how our various teams collaborate across the organization, and set the expectations for how we engage with our clients and each other. These values are the foundation of our identity and include: At the end of every quarter, employees nominate colleagues who they feel have demonstrated employee excellence and are an example of one or more of the 6 company values.  A story or example must be shared with every nomination. Before the Annual Global Company Meeting, all the submissions are reviewed and one award is given for each value and one overall award is given to the person who best represents all our values. Tamara Blaisdell - Do the Right Thing "Throughout the project, Tamara has consistently exhibited the qualities that align with our company's values. She always does the right thing, making diplomatic decisions while maintaining honesty and integrity. Tamara's approach to the project has been both flexible and disciplined, allowing her to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a structured approach…
Juliann Grant
October 9, 2023

AI in the Skies: Generative AI for Aerospace & Defense

As much as the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) exploded into public consciousness in 2023, it’s not an entirely new concept. What we’ve seen is an explosion of “generative AI,” an AI system that can take inputs and create something entirely new, as opposed to traditional AI, which can make decisions based on human inputs.
Juliann Grant
August 1, 2023
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