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Automating the Automation: Making DriveWorks Run Itself

DriveWorks provides a fantastic suite of tools that allows us to create user interfaces where we can capture complete, accurate, manufacturable information which can be used to generate designs and outputs. But there are cases when the front end of a configurator may already exist or our input information is coming from somewhere other than a user entering into a form.

Digital Platforms Fuel Rapidly Changing Nature of Industry

The very nature of industry is changing from a means of production to a process of value creation that leverages high value-add, digitally connected networks. Manufacturing is no longer about simply making physical products. Organizations are moving from make-to stock products and toward less inventory dependent build-, configure-, and engineer-to-order fulfillment strategies (see Figure 1). This requires investment in agile customer-driven processes, digital infrastructure, and disruptive business models.

Welcome to our New Web Site!

If you haven't had a chance to check out our new web site, we invite you to visit us again.  We made many changes to our navigation and arranged our information in a new way so things are easier to find.

Why Are Some Companies Better at Pivoting Than Others?

From electrical power to the artificial heart to the Internet, technology has improved economic growth and enhanced standards of living. Yet failure rates show that many organizations and new products struggle for survival and fail within a few years.