A new white paper from Aras outlines how PLM systems can slow down progress when they are not approached with a business strategy that is aligned with the goals of an organization.

“Traditional PLM systems aren’t able to keep pace with the ever-accelerating demands from manufacturers of smart, connected products. The solution for manufacturers is to base their PLM applications on a resilient, industrial, low-code platform designed to adapt and grow with the market. No one can predict the future, but those companies that can meet tomorrow’s challenges are in a better position to dominate their industries”

This paper answers some key questions that face anyone who is currently using a PLM system and is considering a change, or is in the process of selecting a PLM platform for their business.  Here are some things you may want to read about:

  • The 10-10-100 formula
  • Out of the box vs. customization
  • PLM Upgrades
  • Advantages of a platform
  • Introduction to the Aras Innovator Platform

Download the paper