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Mapping out Digital Twin and Model Based Enterprise Strategies for 2022

By February 21, 2022July 17th, 2023No Comments

Over the past several months, Jonathan Scott and Derek Neiding have been leading discussions on how to establish a Digital Thread, Digital Twin and Model Based Enterprise.  This coming year, we will continue to unpack these digital transformation strategies by delivering a series of video and visual content that helps explain and map out how you can make these concepts a reality in your organization.

The topics we plan to cover include:

  1. Where PLM fits into a Digital Twin (DT) framework
    • What models it needs, what simulation tools it needs
  2. Model Based Enterprise view of Digital Twin covering connections between MBSE, MBD, MBe, MBM, MBQ and more 
  3. Digital Twin Building Blocks
    • Value Proposition and Definition of a Digital Twin
    • Systems View
    • Capabilities View
  4. Digital Twins and Product Line Engineering 
  5. Performance Simulation of Digital Twin
  6. Digital Twin built from federated data
  7. Rich, robust integration tools
  8. How Digital Engineering in the Department of Defense (DoD) relates to DT 
  9. Manufacturing Simulation as part of DT to talk about Digital Factory 

This diagram above illustrates that there are many types of digital twins, and depending on where you are in the product life cycle, that twin may have a different data representation given where it sits in that cycle. Jonathan, Derek, and other Razorleaf technical experts will be breaking down this process to further explain how all these pieces work together.

Watch for short 2-5 minute videos and demonstrations coming your way.

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Video: What is a Digital Thread

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