Razorleaf is excited to announce the NEW Productivity Pack module for our Manufacturing Suite for Aras Innovator. Discover how you can access new integrations and enhanced workflows to improve collaboration, streamline processes, and shorten release cycles. The Productivity Pack is the perfect extension for Aras users, administrators, and developers to enhance their Aras Innovator experience. With new integration tools, enhanced workflows, and fewer steps to optimize daily performance, product development teams can increase efficiency with smarter communication across their teams.


Productivity Pack Module Key Features:

Productivity Pack for Manufacturing Suite

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: enables users to better respond to assignments more quickly through instant message notification to support team collaboration.
  • Out of Office Delegation: ensures rapid approvals without administrator intervention to keep business moving forward when employees are unavailable.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Integration: allows developers to take advantage of the powerful Visual Studio IDE and enables easy access to read and write methods to the Aras Innovator database.
  • Packaging Admin Utility: enables users to search code and view history of prior code releases to avoid conflicts and issues during deployment.
  • Advanced User Membership Enhancement: improves user management by exposing all identities and teams/roles permissions for each user through a single interface.
  • Workflow and Assignment Management: extends workflows to be more holistic with flexible assignments and information gathering at each step in the workflow process.

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