Have you have been working in the Innovator platform for a while and wondered why do I need to open a particular item (Part, Document, etc.) to do an edit, why can’t I just do the edit in the grid? If this question has crossed your mind, then read on…

If you follow all things Aras like me, then you were probably excited when V12SP16 was announced at ACE 2021 earlier this year. As an Aras Consultant, it is always great to see the progress that is being made with the Innovator platform and each subsequent service pack upgrade. Furthermore, I appreciate that Aras is open about their product roadmap and future offerings. V12sp16 was especially interesting because Aras added the ability to edit Items directly in a search grid. The following will review some basic configuration and usage of this valuable new feature.

Note: At the time this article was published, Innovator V12sp17 has been released and is available to subscribers. Innovator V12sp9 is the latest Open Release available for anyone to download from the Aras website. V12sp9 does not include Editable Grids, but they will very likely be included in the next Innovator Open Release. If you are not yet a subscriber, contact Razorleaf for information on how to become a subscriber.

The Editable Grid functionality is only enabled for some ItemTypes to begin with. To enable the functionality for other ItemTypes, the Administrator must make a change to the configuration. Below are the steps to enable the Editable Grid for the Part ItemType.

Log in as Innovator Admin

Navigate to the TOC and click on Administration | Preferences

Click on Search Preferences.

Search for World.

Right click and select Open from the popup.

Edit the record, select the Edit in Search Grid tab, add the Part ItemType to the relationship, and save the Preference record.