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Digital Thread

Digital Thread Assessment

By June 25, 2020July 12th, 2023No Comments

Unlock your Data with a Digital Thread Assessment

Razorleaf is excited to launch the Digital Thread Maturity Assessment for manufacturing organizations to help determine their stage in the Digital Thread Journey.  Manufacturers require a traceable, reliable digital thread to keep the critical processes, data, and structures moving forward.

Our assessment can help your organization identify the data, files and contextual information required to support your engineering processes and determine integration points required for a successful Digital Thread.  Once you have completed the assessment, your organization will receive a free 30-minutes results analysis consultation with a Razorleaf Consultant.

The Razorleaf Digital Thread Assessment evaluates your organization’s readiness to:

  • Identify data, files and contextual information
  • Determine integration points and data exchange
  • Incorporate model-based engineering/design
  • Communicate bidirectionally up and downstream

Razorleaf unlocks data accessibility and improves decision making across the product lifecycle from engineering design to supply chain to manufacturing processes.  We help increase your organization’s visibility and control over quality, costs, times and profitability to achieve a Connected Digital Thread.

A Digital Thread enables your organization to:

  • Reduce engineering re-work and increase product quality
  • Expedite new product development and time-to market
  • Increase overall employee productivity
  • Improve processes and production efficiencies

Take our 15-question assessment to determine your organization’s stage in the Digital Thread Journey.

Learn more about Digital Thread.

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