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CIMdata Report: The Digital Thread, A Key Enabler for Success

By March 19, 2024No Comments

The pressure on manufacturers to deliver more and better products faster doesn’t let up. To rise to the challenge, they need to develop new processes that will give them the efficiency, agility, and collaboration they need to take advantage of market opportunities and remain competitive. One of the most critical tools in their toolbox is the digital thread: a collection of all data about a product from all points in the product lifecycle. While the concept is simple, significant technology is required to integrate the multitude of data streams from disparate enterprise software or platforms. That’s what a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is made for.

Evaluating Service Providers and Solutions

CIMdata has developed a set of critical success factors to help manufacturers evaluate both products and service providers as potential partners in a digital transformation effort.

  • PLM expertise: Data integration experts with “deep technical and business knowledge” and a wealth of experience with PLM integrations.
  • PLM plus: Potential partners with thorough knowledge of a variety of PLM solutions.
  • Global reach: A partner that can think globally about your global operations processes.
  • An eye for ROI: A critical ability to accurately scope a project and offer a realistic and competitive price.
  • Process translators: Not only understanding manufacturers’ operations and processes, but also knowing best practices for translating them to the digital realm.

Highlighting Razorleaf and CLOVER

In this report, CIMdata notes, “Razorleaf is a consulting and systems integrator specializing in PLM and MES [manufacturing execution systems] that helps the world’s most innovative manufacturing organizations bring new products to market.” Razorleaf’s integration platform, CLOVER, is a productized solution proven in many large PLM implementations.

Some of CLOVER’s differentiators include extensibility for dealing with corner cases, handling complex structures and large files, and multiple deployment options. The CLOVER product suite includes four components: CollectIT for extracting and packaging data out of the PLM system, IntegrateIT to enable PLM connections to enterprise systems, MigrateIT for bulk transfer of files and data, and PassIT as the interface between messaging platforms and PLM solutions.

Finding Your Partner

Market opportunities and pressures drive digital threads and digital transformation initiatives, which in turn drive the need for a PLM solution. The complexity of PLM platforms and data integration most often leads to the search for a solution provider/partner and a suite of products to support your integration needs.

CIMdata’s commentary provides useful information about what to look for in a partner and recommends Razorleaf and CLOVER, saying “CIMdata is impressed with Razorleaf’s CLOVER, a family of products that enable the exchange of product information across the organization and with partners and suppliers … CIMdata encourage manufacturers looking to improve their connectivity and data integration across their enterprise landscape to consider Razorleaf’s CLOVER solution.”

Download the full CIMdata commentary for full criteria and details.

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