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Check License Status of DSLS Without Pulling a License

By March 26, 2019July 11th, 2023No Comments

For those service providers and customers who frequently deploy 3DEXPERIENCE client software troubleshooting server connection issues can be challenging, especially if the problem is with the license server, DSLS.

I attended a COE workshop this year and, in that workshop, we were told of a utility that allows the checking of the license status without pulling a license. So what? Well, when deploying client applications like CATIA, xCAD integrations, etc. connection issues can be frustrating. And if the issue is with the DSLS license server, maddening. Even though the DSLS server can be reached via ping test and port query (port 4085 by default), there can still be issues.

The utility is DSCheckLS.exe and is typically located in the license client directory:


For example:

C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B420\win_b64\code\bin

There is no UI for the utility, it must be run from the command line. There is a help switch, syntax is:

> DSCheckLS.exe -h

This will output the switches available:

Let’s start with the dump switch -l (that’s a letter “l” not a number 1). The -l switch will dump the contents of the DSLicSrv.txt file. This file tells the license client about the available license servers and what license port is configured. Below is a normal dump message.

In the first section the list of servers and ports is listed. Then the status of the listed servers is dumped. As can be seen, the server RL131001 is running, what version is in use, the port being used, the server target ID, etc. are all listed.

If there is something wrong with either the formatting of the license file content or the server, this utility will provide that information, too.

In the above dump, the entry for RL131001 is malformed. A semicolon was used instead of a colon and that status indicates an invalid server declaration. In the second server listing the license server is at the wrong DSLS version level and even indicates what version is required. In both cases, the information provided is extremely important.

The most impressive operation the utility provides is the ability to check the availability of a license from the license server WITHOUT actually assigning and pulling the license. As is known, when a license is pulled from the license server it is locked for 30 days. Quite bothersome when troubleshooting.

The switch to check the grant of a license is -r. As can be seen in the output below, the grant of IFW is requested.

The above output provides valuable information. It states whether IFW is available to grant and if the grant was successful, again without pulling IFW. It also states the license model, expiration date, etc.

The DSCheckLS utility can be a lifesaver. Make it part of your normal procedures and troubleshooting techniques.

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