Webinar Series: Achieving a Connected Digital Thread

Razorleaf is hosting an exclusive webinar series on Achieving a Connected Digital Thread.  In September, our experts will showcase how the Digital Thread can improve communication, collaboration and decision making across the product lifecycle - engineering design, manufacturing, supply chain, quality. and service.

Model Based Acronym Disambiguation

The acronyms of MBE, MBe, MBD, and MBSE all generate some consternation in model based conversations because of the overlap among them in capabilities and the similarities among nomenclature. My good friend Chad Jackson wrote about this back in 2016, but I think the confusion still exists today and we need to throw MBe into the conversation for good measure. I just hope no one introduces MBd any time soon!

Why Can’t I Find a Fix Pack / HotFix for Enovia IEF Client in 3DEXPERIENCE Media?

For years, Dassault has referred to the Integration Exchange Framework Client or IEF as the ENOVIA Integration Exchange Framework Client. However, starting in 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x, including 2016x and 2017x, the naming changes between GA and the release of Fix Packs/HotFixes, resulting in a bit of frustration for those trying to extract media for patching a 3DEXPERIENCE Open Application, such as an X-CAD Connector/Integration, on the client machines.