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Demystifying CAD vs PLM Data Migration: Stay Sharp Episode 31

In Episode 31 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Demystifying CAD vs PLM Data Migration, hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello are joined by special guest Annalise Suzuki. As the Vice President of Technology and Engagement at Elysium, a company focused on 3D data operability, Annalise is an expert on “the devil in the details” of data migration. Jonathan, Jen, and Annalise discuss the differences between CAD and PLM migration, their similarities and differences, and some best practices for preparing and managing your data conversion project.
Juliann Grant
May 9, 2024

When Life Happens to Partnerships: Stay Sharp Episode 28

In Episode 28 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Partnerships – When Life Happens, Part 2, hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello continue the conversation they began in Stay Sharp Episode 24: Choosing the Right Partner. This time around, they specifically address what happens to partnerships when scope changes, relationships change, and things go differently than expected—whether that’s good or bad.
Juliann Grant
April 26, 2024

Successful PLM Projects Start Here: Stay Sharp Episode 19

Hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello welcome special guest Eric Smith, Razorleaf’s VP of Services, for a deep dive into the complexity of product lifecycle management (PLM) projects. They discuss discuss what can go wrong with PLM projects, common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as how the same pitfalls can occur to any enterprise-level project, not just PLM.
Juliann Grant
March 7, 2024
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